Utility Workers Union of America
Local 600
Representing Office, Clerical, Technical and Residual Employees 





October 23, 2014

EXECUTIVES                                         Jim Anderson-President
                                                                   Lori Warren-Vice President
                                                                   Shirley Cockrell-Treasurer
                                                                   Steve Kowolonek-Secretary
DELEGATES                                         Patty Memering
                                                                   DL Wallace
                                                                   Lisa Webster
                                                                   Randy Darby
                                                                   Lori Turner
                                                                   Mike Hoffman

The meeting was called to order by President Anderson.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of silence was observed. 

Roll Call was taken by Treasurer Cockrell.  Delegate Memering not present. 

Lori Warren made a motion to dispense of the reading of the previous month’s minutes.  Second by Mike Hoffman.  Motion passed.

Randy Darby made a motion to dispense with presenting the Financial Report.  Second by Lori Warren. Motion passed.


The United Way sent a letter requesting a donation from Local 600.
After discussion, Randy Darby made a motion to donate $2.00 for each member in Local 600.  Second by Mike Hoffman.  Motion passed.


Arbitration #380- Discussion occurred about arbitration #380.  Lori Warren made a motion to drop Arbitration #380.  Second by DL Wallace.  Motion passed.

Picnic Committee- Discussion occurred about the annual picnic and how to improve it in the future.

Negotiations Committee- the Negotiations Committee will meet on October 30.

Power Plant Sale- On October 14, Local 600 and IBEW 1347 met with representatives of Dynegy. 


UWUA Local 600 Annual Rep/Delegate Dinner- the Annual Dinner will take place at Maggiano’s in Kenwood on November 20.  Shirley Cockrell made a motion to not give members who attend the dinner the $10 stipend that has been given in the past.  Second by Lori Turner.  After discussion, motion passed.

Civil Rights 50th Anniversary Conference- Discussion occurred about the conference in Dayton.  Discussion also occurred about the meeting held with Local 600 Attorney Julie Ford while the members where in Dayton.

Quick Fit Program- President Anderson and Vice President Warren attended a training session for the Quick Fit Stretching Program that is being implemented by certain departments in the Company.   Discussion occurred. 

New Senior Engineering Technologist position- discussion occurred about the new position and its possible impact on the Union.

Job Evaluation- A new position of Senior Gas Marketing Specialist will go through the job evaluation process on November 3.

Switch Meters- discussion occurred concerning switched meters and members being paid a premium to perform this work.

Grievance #387- discussion occurred about the grievance.


Treasurer Cockrell- She discussed picnic budget.

A motion to adjourn was made by Steve Kowolonek.  Second by Lori Warren.  Motion passed.


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