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January 25, 2018

EXECUTIVES                                                                                       Jim Anderson – President

                                                                                                                Steve Kowolonek – Vice President

                                                                                                                Mike Hoffman – Treasurer

                                                                                                                DL Wallace – Secretary

DELEGATES                                                                                         Jueisha Boykin                                                 

                                                                                                                David Loerich

                                                                                                                Illyana Long

                            Victoria King

                                                                                                                Patty Memering

                                                                                                                Camille Waller

The Meeting was called to order by President Anderson.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members.

Roll Call was taken by Treasure Hoffman.    President Anderson absent (attending conference.)

Previous month’s minutes were read by Secretary Wallace.   A motion was made by Treasure Hoffman to accept the reading of the last month’s minutes.   Second by Delegate King.   Motion passed.                            

The Financial Report was given by Treasure Hoffman.   A motion to accept the Financial Report was made by Delegate Boykin.   Second by Delegate Long.  Motion passed.  (Financial Report on file at Union Office.)

COMMUNICATIONS – President Anderson

Provide information regarding “Active Heroes” this involves various businesses around the community.  Local 600 received a letter asking for support, this organization provides support to Veterans for Suicide Awareness and Prevention.  They have cards that can be used at participating business in the Northern Kentucky area.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – President Anderson

Veteran Club – currently interest has been made from Gayle Redd, Linda Gallahanery, and Shirley Cockrell.  They have plans to contact Jim Deering and other possible retire Local 600 members for the formation of this group.

Workman’s Comp Issue with the State of Kentucky has been resolved.  A settlement was reached and has been paid out by Local 600, to settle this dispute going forward.

Don Stewart has filed LMD for Local 600, and all board members have received tax form #1099 from Treasure Hoffman for the year 2017.  Treasure Hoffman states the review from Don Stewart overall went very well.

Dynegy – meetings held at Zimmer and Miami Fort Station – December 18, 2017.  Local 600 members from those locations voted to grant a contract extension through March 31, 2019.


President Anderson to attend AFL-CIO meeting in Detroit Michigan.

Election Committee – President Anderson has appointed Rodney Stang as Chairman of the election committee due to the retirement of Jim Deering.  Dave Manning has also been appointed by President Anderson to serve on the election committee.

Treasure Hoffman – discussed possibility of using direct deposit/ direct pay to process all Local 600 expenses in the future.  The company will process all union dues to Local 600 via direct deposit effective 2018.

President Anderson requests all board members email Union Act Hours for October, November, and December 2017 not later than Monday, January 29 2018.

Vote to Arbitrate:  Local 600 Board Members voted – to take to arbitration grievance #416 (9-yes/0-no)

Delegate Memering and Vice-President Kowolonek – discussed new Engineering Specialist position.  And new Substation Technician – will interview 2 eligible for position – (1) position now another will post in the future.


Treasurer Hoffman - discussed monthly funds received and payouts – future discussions regarding monthly allotments for Local 600 to be paid from stock portfolio.

Delegate Memering – grievance filed regarding the TUG Program, Local 600 work being processed by exempt personnel.     Storm Call-Out list will now be one (1) combined list going forward.  (Bringing in GIS, staffing crises)

Delegate Waller- Received and read Thank you note from the family who received the donation of gifts from Northern Kentucky (via Christy Knobloc)

Delegate Long- process fact findings & possible referral to ethics line, issues with vacant positions not being staffed by Local 600 personnel.

Delegate King- Service installation issue with management doing union work (will discuss with management to discontinue practice) - Issues with zero tolerance policy and how discipline administered within the work group.

Secretary Wallace- discussion regarding 80 hours sick-time use for other unionized employees within Duke-Energy.

Delegate Waller made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Delegate Long.  Motion passed.  Adjourned.

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