Utility Workers Union of America
Local 600
Representing Office, Clerical, Technical and Residual Employees 






January 23, 2014

EXECUTIVES                                        Jim Anderson-President
                                                                   Lori Warren-Vice President
                                                                   Shirley Cockrell-Treasurer
                                                                   Steve Kowolonek-Secretary
DELEGATES                                         Patty Memering
                                                                   DL Wallace
                                                                   Lisa Webster
                                                                   Randy Darby
                                                                   Walt Dobbins
                                                                   Mike Hoffman

The meeting was called to order by President Anderson.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of silence was observed. 

Roll Call was taken by Treasurer Cockrell.  All present.

The previous monthís general board minutes were read by Secretary Kowolonek.  A motion to accept the previous monthís minutes was made by Randy Darby.  Second by Mike Hoffman.  Motion passed.

The Financial Report was presented by Treasurer Cockrell.  A motion to accept the Financial Report was made by Randy Darby.  Second by Lisa Webster.  Motion passed.


UWUA Local 102- President Anderson informed the board that Local 102 had been locked out for the 8th week. 

Boot Policy- President Anderson informed the board that a boot policy had been implemented in some departments within the Company.  After discussion, President Anderson would contact the Company to clarify all the departments that would be covered by the boot policy.

Call Center- President Anderson discussed the monitoring of calls in the Call Center.  The Union believes that the way that the Company monitors calls is not always done equally.  President Anderson has an attorney looking into the matter.

New Reps- There is a shortage of Reps for our local.  If anyone is interested in becoming a Rep, please contact the Union Hall at 859-291-6349 or by email at Local600@zoomtown.com.


Annual Audit- Auditor Stewart did an audit of our localís books on January 15.  He will be sending out the appropriate tax forms soon.

Call Center Seniority- The Union believes that there is a problem with how the Seniority list is being handled within the Call Center.  President Anderson is working on the situation.

Payroll error- Vice President Warren discussed a situation where the Company deposited more funds into a memberís banking account than the member had earned for the pay period.  Vice President Warren wanted to make it clear that if this situation happens, those funds are not to be spent and that the member should contact the Payroll Department.

Grievance #372- Delegate Dobbins discussed that an exempt employee was doing Union work.  After discussion, the board voted to take this grievance to arbitration.

President Anderson discussed the visit of UWUA National District Rep Don Opatka. 

Bargaining Committee- President Anderson would like for the board to being preparing for the Negotiations that begin next year.  


Secretary Kowolonek- discussed the possibility of offering scholarships for the children of Local 600 who are graduating from high school and what procedure that would need to be taken to pick who receives the scholarship.  He will look into how other locals do this.

Delegate Memering- asked questions about the 4-10 hour day grievance.  President Anderson informed her that he was waiting on an answer from the Company about the grievance.

Delegate Hoffman- discussed next yearís negotiations and the pay level for Tier I meter readers.  President Anderson requested that Delegate Hoffman set up a meeting with the Company to discuss Meter Reading issues.

Delegate Wallace- discussed the Member to Member program that the National Union has.  She also would like for our local to be more involved with our members. 

A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Hoffman.  Second by Patty Memering.  Motion passed.,





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