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Representing Office, Clerical, Technical and Residual Employees 

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February 25, 2016

EXECUTIVES                                        Jim Anderson-President
                                                                   Lori Warren-Vice President
                                                                   Shirley Cockrell-Treasurer
                                                                   Steve Kowolonek-Secretary
DELEGATES                                        Patty Memering
 Lori Turner                                                                     
                                                                   DL Wallace
                                                                   Lisa Webster
                                                                   Camille Waller
                                                                   Mike Hoffman

The meeting was called to order by President Anderson.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of silence was observed. 

Roll Call was taken by Treasurer Cockrell.  All present. 

The previous Monthís Minutes were read by Secretary Kowolonek. Shirley Cockrell made a motion to accept the previous monthís minutes.  Second by Lisa Webster.  Motion passed.

Treasurer Cockrell presented the Financial Report.  President Anderson and Treasurer Cockrell discussed a meeting they had with Financial Advisor Matt Darpel.  Per Matt Darpelís advice, some investments were moved to different accounts.  These accounts are conservative accounts.  Treasurer Cockrell also discussed not having as much money in liquate accounts.  If a large bill were to come in, then the local may have to move money from a different account to the checking to address the large bill.    Lori Warren made a motion to leave the investments in the new accounts.  Second by Camille Waller.  Motion passed.  Steve Kowolonek made a motion to accept the Financial Report.  Second by Lori Warren.  Motion passed.


A-Kid Again- President Anderson discussed the event that Local 600 helped sponsor.  Good reports came from members who attended.

Audit of books- Treasurer Cockrell informed the Board that Auditor Don Steward had concluded his audit and everything went well.

Job Evaluations- President Anderson discussed the evaluations of 2 positions.  The first was the Electric Operations Clerk.  The second positions involved the Corrosion Techs.


Dynegy Contractors- President Anderson discussed a meeting that he had with Dynegy leadership.  He informed the Board that Dynegy prefers to not use contractors. 

Union Employee Incentive Program (UEIP)- President Anderson discussed UEIP and the bonus received.

Arbitration #392- President Anderson discussed the PreArbitration meeting concerning this Arbitration.

Out of town storms- Delegate Memering discussed a meeting with the company concerning Out of Town Storms and the process for going out of town.

OC postings- President Anderson and Vice President Warren discussed the posting of OC positions and the unfairness of how the company is following the Competency Based Selection Process.


Delegate Turner- She discussed new guidelines that the Company was presenting.  President Anderson will look into this.

Secretary Kowolonek- He discussed the ByLaws committee.

Delegate Memering- She asked about AOC job testing and job postings.  VP Warren explained about these postings and the use of contractors.

Delegate Webster- She discussed an incident in Call Center involving Management berating members.

Treasurer Cockrell- She discussed the use of the Company nurse.  Delegate Wallace presented an example of when the Company nurse had misdiagnosed someone.  Treasurer Cockrell also discussed the importance of paying close attention to any information that you may receive from the Company or Hewitt.  This is especially important when you retire or if someone has passed away and their family is dealing with the Company or Hewitt.  Treasurer Cockrell is also planning on retiring and discussion occurred about her replacement.  Vice President Warren also told the Board that when retiring, the member will receive their vacation bank monies 45 days after they leave the company.

Patty Memering made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Lori Warren.  Motion passed.

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