Utility Workers Union of America
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Representing Office, Clerical, Technical and Residual Employees 

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December 20, 2018

EXECUTIVES                                                                                       Steve Kowolonek – President

                                                                                                                Mike Hoffman – Vice President

                                                                                                                Jueisha Boykin – Treasurer

                                                                                                                DL Wallace – Secretary

DELEGATES                                                                                         David Loerich

                                                                                                                Illyana Long

                                                                                                                Victoria King

                            Camille Waller


The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members.

Roll Call was taken by Treasurer Boykin.  All board members present.

Previous month’s minutes were read by Secretary Wallace.   A motion was made by Delegate Long to accept the reading of the last month’s minutes.   Second by Delegate Loerich.  Motion passed.             

The Financial Report was given by Treasurer Boykin.   A motion was made by Delegate Waller to accept the Financial Report.  Second by Delegate Long.  Executive & General Board vote to accept.   Motion passed.  (Financial Report on file at Union Office.)

COMMUNICATIONS – President Kowolonek 

- Christmas Card from UWUA, National office, Christmas card from Matt Darpel (Financial Advisor for UWUA, Local 600)

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – President Kowolonek  

Annual Appreciation Dinner – Reschedule date 17 January 2019.  All RSVP will need to be into Delegate Waller, not later than 10 January 2019 for attendees.  Invites will be emailed to members and mailed via USPS to other invitees by Secretary Wallace.  There will be no Board meeting the night of the dinner.  The location will be The Montgomery Inn Boathouse (same as original location) starting at 6:00pm.  Delegate Waller will make menu selections and will also need to be notified for any dietary restrictions.

Arbitration Panel – Grievance # 424 - Selections being processed

Christmas Family – Items has been purchased for the families in Ohio and Northern Kentucky by UWUA Local 600 volunteers – Kristy Knobloch and Kerri Goss

Election Committee - UWUA Local 600 –   Election materials have been processed to the membership for UWUA Local 600, Area A as of 1 December 2018.  Election Committee Chairman – Tim Nolan will process nominations received 14 December 2018 for five (5) candidates.

Negotiations 2019 Committee selection vote -  UWUA Local 600, Executive and General Board members to process 2019 UWUA Local 600 Contract (Duke-Energy) -  Kowolonek –President,  Hoffman – Vice President,  Boykin – Treasurer, Wallace – Secretary,  Long-Delegate and Waller-Delegate

Negotiations 2019 Committee selection vote – UWUA Local 600 to process Contract (Vistra) Kowolonek-President, Hoffman –Vice President, Wallace-Secretary, Dalton-Representative

Grievance – Grievance # 426 has been dropped per grievant

Meeting held with Instrument Control Technicians, UWUA Local 600, and Duke Energy management to discuss safety concerns, held at Kellogg location


Call Center East – President Kowolonek sent an email to Call Center East manager, to offer any assistance needed with hiring process for call center candidates. 

Membership meeting for UWUA Local 600, scheduled for 24 January 2019 to discuss upcoming negotiations. Being held at the Holiday Inn Rivercenter, Covington Kentucky @ 6pm.

Meeting to discuss 2019 Negotiations with Vistra, scheduled for 10 Jan 2019, President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman to attend.

Gas technicians – issues with training for those involved with drawings, meeting held with Duke-Energy, management, Jim Hurtt and Delegate Long in attendance

Storm Call out and Storm list – President Kowolonek has requested to be notified by management when UWUA Local 600 members are activated by Storm Call Out list.

President Kowolonek will be sending a letter to all UWUA Local 600 membership regarding things going on within the union.  In addition Union cards are planned to be purchased for all UWUA Local 600 members.

President Kowolonek will also be posting UWUA Local 600 meeting minutes onto the UWUA Local 600 web-site.


Vice-President Hoffman – after negations will discuss with UWUA Local 600, legal counsel Julie Ford regarding assistance for union members with Will preparation.

Secretary Wallace – update on By-Laws review, currently tabled until later date

Treasurer Boykin – fact finding in GIS  

Delegate King – issues with member & FMLA, Revenue Services – management doing union work.

Delegate King made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Delegate Loerich.  Motion passed.  Adjourned.


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