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October 31, 2016

RE:  Outcome of Challenge to Recent Local 600 Officers Election

To All UWUA Local 600 Members:

            At the September 30 vote count on the Local 600 officers election, Robert Richmond defeated Jim Anderson by a count of 82 to 81 votes. Jim then filed two election challenges. The first one alleged that individuals who were not eligible to vote because they were not members in good standing had received ballots. The second alleged that Robert was not eligible to run because he had not been a Union member in good standing for two years at the time of his nomination, as required by the Local 600 Bylaws.

In accordance with Article XIV of the UWUA National Constitution, an Investigative Committee of three Local 600 members was appointed to review the challenges, gather evidence about them and prepare a report and recommendation for the Executive Board. At a meeting on October 27 the Executive Board – except for Jim Anderson, who as an involved party did not participate – accepted the Committee’s report.

The investigation showed that no ineligible voter actually returned a ballot, so the first challenge was denied. On the second challenge, the evidence showed Robert was not hired until August 25, 2014, and did not become a Local 600 member for at least 31 days after that, or on approximately September 25, 2014. Both of these dates are less than two years before the close of the nominations in this election on August 21, 2016. He was therefore ineligible to run for the office of President or the position of Delegate.

The Executive Board has the authority under Article XIV, Section 5-C of the UWUA Constitution to remedy the election violation. Under the circumstances, the Board found that the only appropriate remedy is to disqualify Robert Richmond and certify that Jim Anderson is the winner of the election as the sole remaining, eligible candidate. Therefore, Jim Anderson will remain in office for the term that begins November 1, 2016. The Executive Board’s decision may be appealed to the UWUA National Union Executive Committee within 30 days

Fraternally yours,

                                                                        Steve Kowolonek, Secretary

Local 600 Executive Board

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