Utility Workers Union of America
Local 600
Representing Office, Clerical, Technical and Residual Employees 






APRIL 24, 2014

EXECUTIVES                                        Jim Anderson-President
                                                                   Lori Warren-Vice President
                                                                   Shirley Cockrell-Treasurer
                                                                   Steve Kowolonek-Secretary
DELEGATES                                         Patty Memering
                                                                   DL Wallace
                                                                   Lisa Webster
                                                                   Randy Darby
                                                                   Walt Dobbins
                                                                   Mike Hoffman

The meeting was called to order by President Anderson.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of silence was observed. 

Roll Call was taken by Treasurer Cockrell.  Delegate Hoffman absent.

A motion to dispense of the reading of the previous month’s minutes was made by Patty Memering.  Second by Walt Dobbins.  Motion passed.

The Financial Report was presented by Treasurer Cockrell.  A motion to accept the Financial Report was made by Lori Warren.  Second by Steve Kowolonek.  Motion passed.

President Anderson discussed problems with the Company collecting dues.


President Anderson handed out the UEIP goals for next year.  They are to be posted on all Union Boards.


Arbitration #375- A tentative date for Arb # 375 is August 5th.

Power Plant Position- The new clerk position the company discussed creating has been put on hold according to President Anderson.

New Senior Customer Service Rep- The company agreed to allow the first 3 new hires for this newly created position to be filled by UWUA members only.  Also, if more than 3 positions are filled in the next 2 years, they would also be filled by UWUA members only. 

Meter Reading Projection- President Anderson discussed a meeting with Meter Reading.  At this time, the projections show that all full timers will have a position at the end of the year.

Region III Conference- President Anderson handed out information concerning the conference.  President Anderson, Vice President Warren, Treasurer Cockrell, Secretary Kowolonek, Delegate Hoffman, Delegate Memering, and Delegate Webster will be attending.


RSR posting- Discussion occurred about the RSR job being posted.  The Union believes that there are many qualified members who are not being interviewed.  The Union will investigate reasons why the members are not being interviewed.

Call Center Incentive- Duke Energy Connections will give Call Center reps incentives if the Call Center matches certain criteria.   Also, the company will  have Call Center reps being trained to handle credit calls.  Discussion occurred about the possible implications this new duty could have on Call Center reps and there incentive numbers.


Treasurer Cockrell- she discussed the high profits of Duke Energy.
She also discussed the different standards that UWUA members are held to when compared to contractors.

Delegate Darby- he believes that the Union should be more proactive in protecting the contract. 

Delegate Memering- she asked about a time stamp that was now being used in the GIS department.  President Anderson stated that it is now being used in multiple departments.  She also discussed the 4-10 grievance.

President Anderson- he informed the Board that Local 180 was back to work.  Their company and Local 180 are working under their old contract.  After discussion, Lori Warren made a motion not to send Local 180 the funds that Local 600 was going to send since they have returned to work.  Second by Shirley Cockrell.  Motion passed.
President Anderson also discussed the IBEW and their contract negotiations with the company. 

A motion to adjourn was made by Steve Kowolonek.  Second by Lori Warren.  Motion passed.

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